Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scissors, Tin cans, Telephones, & Awesomeness!

Today's blog comes to you in 3 parts. Count 'em 3!

Part 1:
I just spend the last 10 minutes hacking open a can of Spaghettios with a pair of scissors, because I haven't eaten all day & I don't own a can opener. I could have gotten something to eat that didn't require the possibility of my accidentally stabbing myself to death, but that just takes the fun out of life... That, & I really wanted Spaghettios... even if I did have to eat them cold, because I lack the foresight to bring a bowl that I can put in a microwave with me to college.
I am currently avoiding the effort of washing my clothes by blogging and eating a Scumdiddlyumptious bar... It's tasty & I win. Unfortunately, I did not get a golden ticket... my dreams are shattered.

Part 2:
I am now in constant fear of the telephone ringing at my job. I physically jump when it rings. Even if I don't have to answer it, because one of my bosses is sitting at the desk. I have really strange phobias.

Part 3:
I get to share my favorite movie with some of my friends tonight... & I'm not forcing them to watch it! They're watching it of their own free will!!!... well, actually my roommate doesn't really have a choice... unless she decides to leave... but she won't because the movie is absolutely brilliant (& I mean that with all the enthusiasm a Doctor Who fan can muster)!

Now, I think I'm going to go try do something productive. If the TV doesn't magically turn itself on...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Obsession (Well, Obsessions...)

I love Warehouse 13 & right now I'm watching the season finale & my heart is breaking. I love this show it's the melding together of my 2 favorite things: sci-fi & history. It's like the U.S. equivalent of Doctor Who without the time travel & I love it soooo much!!!! Not as much as Doctor Who... but still...

Oooooo! A comercial for Caprica just came on & I can't wait to watch that again!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh bring on S.T.O!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! It's totally the coolest American Sci-Fi show!!!! With all the references to greek mythology & theology it's so beautiful!

OK. So in a couple days I've become obsessed with blogging... weird. I'm a little worried that I've blogged 3 times today, but maybe I've found something that can help relieve some of the pressure of school. That would be nice. I just hope it doesn't end up screwing with my school work ethic.

Right then... back to Warehouse!

This small act of defiance toward the system will not cause my downfall!

That's what I have to keep telling myself.

...I just skipped my first class... Ever! But I am resolved to be guilt free! I already know all the information & we had a quiz last class, so  we won't have one this time... & I really don't want to go!

"But Amethyst", you say, "You're just listing excuses. How can you even begin to justify such a deplorable act, as skipping class? What will you say if someone asks you why you weren't there? What if something important happens & you missed it? Then what will you do?"

The answer to these questions is a simple one.

& now I'm super nervous!!!! But the class is just about half way finished so I can't change my mind now! Maybe a nice nap will loose this insoluble guilt that has lodged itself in the core of my being... maybe. :)

My Computers Class is a Joke

So, I'm sitting in class right now & no one seems to care that I'm on Blogger. How shocking!... & yet I'm somehow not surprised... I'm just sitting here typing away & staring at the 95% I made on a lab because for some reason the fact that page 2 is numbered page 2 means I loose 5 points off my grade! My professor is super meticulous about everything in the labs but last class he couldn't get his computer started because he didn't load his operating system on his laptop properly! Ugh!

OK. Tirade over. So, last night I thought I was home free and without a major project to complete this week... I was seriously mistaken. I have a biblical interpretation due next Tuesday for my honors Old Testament class. When with the work end! It's OK though, I just have to make it through this week & the next & then I get to enjoy not doing as much during fall break! I can make it 'till then. I think...

I'm super boring. The only person who is going to read this is probably my RA... & I apologize, if I bore her to death, in advance. She is a much loved part of our hall & I would hate for my sad attempt at blogging to be her untimely end.

I think my depressing  excuse of a computer professor is starting the lecture for today... so I should probably pay attention. I'll post something else later... I guess.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oooooo!! I Remember Now!!

This blog is kind of an extension of my vlog... which I will be starting soon. I hope. I just ordered a new camera for my birthday & I am super excited.

OK. Now I'm really going to go eat!!

A Proper Formal Introduction

So... My name is Amethyst. & I love all things to do with books. I love to read. A lot... Probably a lot more than a regular human being should. I absolutely love everything to do with the UK and I am basically going to major in British history. I go to school at DBU (Dallas Baptist University) & I like my roommate alot, despite some of her obvious flaws... such as a distaste for Sci-Fi television shows and the belief that Harry Potter is of the devil. Other than that, she's pretty cool. Anyway... I'm an aspiring librarian & I want to write a book some day.

I don't really know what to do with this blog. I'm just starting it & I have no idea what to write about. I know some stuff I'm gonna vlog about but I don't know about this... Oh well! Maybe I'll come up with something really interesting to talk about... hopefully in the near future!

For now, I must find something to abate my hunger. My stomach is eating itself! Aaaahhh! ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, this is my blog... it's kind of nice in here... sort of open and empty. Maybe I should do something about the emptiness.
Right now I should be working on a paper that's due tomorrow instead I set up a blog account... I procrastinate in strange ways...
Well later!
(I say that assuming anyone else is going to read this but myself... ha!)