Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So this is more like a tweet, but since I don't have a twitter, nor do I want one...

The girl in front of me is playing tetris (& rocking it!), I want a cookie really, really, bad, & the Metroplex needs to invest in a public transportation system! NOW!

That is all!

What the...!

I have followers... I have followers?! Well, now I really have to write in this thing.

So, I'm in computer class & I'm seriously considering leaving before the lecture starts. He just uses the powerpoints to give us the answers for our next quiz & he puts them up online, so, why bother showing up to class? I mean after I take the quiz I really don't have to be here... &, wow, am I boring!? (rhetorical question, no need to answer, thanks, I'd like to keep what little self esteem I possess in tact) Oooo, look, he's put squiggly line on the screen!... & now he gone back to talking about modems... shoot me.

All I've done for the past week, or so, has been school related & I think that is incredibly dull. Deadly dull... a bit like accounting. Maybe I should just quit school and become a lion tamer... :)*.  OK, enough with the Monty Python references.

I feel as if I should be saying something insightful and entertaining, but nothing really comes to mind. Maybe, I'll go read someone else's blog and get inspired to write something vaguely interesting. That would be nice... I think Haley G. Hoover has a new post up... (edit: Nope, it was Kristina).

*Sorry I put a smiley face in my post, but it couldn't be helped... my fingers have a mind of their own. I hate when people use smiley faces in anything that isn't  an IM or text... this will not develop into a rant. No, no it will not.... Bye.