Saturday, January 1, 2011

I want to drop out of school & live like a Hippie... Happy New Year, by the way...

I preface this by saying I am sorry of being such a lazy bum and not blogging (even though I really, really didn't have time).

Since the end of Finals Week... a week ago... I have done nothing. While this may seem incredibly relaxing, on the contrary, I have been stressed out of my mind (kind of...)! I do this to myself unnecessarily, against my better judgement, even when I really have nothing to worry or stress about. The next two weeks are going to be so much fun! I'm working 40 hours during each and staying alone, by myself, in my dorm. Doesn't that sound like the picture of enjoyment?

Anyway... The last month (I think it's been a month...), has been uneventful with the exception of finals week which I will not bore the hoards of people who read this blog with (I did really well, thanks for asking). When I have something exciting to post, I'll be back... or more likely I'll be back, without a good topic, anyway.

Have a lovely start to your new year... Bye!

Oh... I now have twitter. & I'm addicted...

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