Saturday, March 5, 2011

Won't Somebody Let Me Out?!

Lately, I feel as if I have been captured against my will. This is what focusing solely on my studies has done to me... I'm suffocating. I'm not funny anymore. I have become even more boring than I thought myself previously. I have tons of creative thoughts that I feel guilty for thinking, because I should be studying! THIS IS DRIVING ME MAD!! I have had ideas for vlogs & blogs swimming around in my head, but I can't do anything with them, because the Study Sloth* on my back will not leave me alone!

So, now I'm whining, procrastinating, & I have a giant pit in my stomach that seems to want me dead with worry. I could simply go back to my habit of not caring, freaking out, & watching my grades sink back to Bs instead of all the pretty A+s I've been enjoying** , but I like where my grades are right now. I could give up on school & live like a bum on the street (not a happy alternative). OR I could just live with the fact that this is my life now. I detest these options! If only I could have a real break from school instead of working during all of my holidays. Why couldn't I be born a genius or independently wealthy? Life would be so much easier.

The Sloth is angry... I have to study for the 4 tests I have next week or I'm going to flunk out of college & be forced to realize a career as that slightly scary person who sits in the subway station*** with a sign & a cup for change donation. At least my sign would be grammatically correct****...

I hope your week isn't going to be as beastly as mine.

*It's a sloth because sloths are ugly & slow much like a student (me) trying to study effectively.
**This is a sarcastic statement. Enjoy being tortured by the idea that I still have more work to do after I get that one awesome grade. Hardly.
***This plan would require me to move to a place with subways, as I live in the middle of Texas (where everyone (& I mean everyone!) drives). We have no equivalent to this "profession" that I know of.
****She said directly after an atrocious run-on sentence.


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  2. Hang in there girly, summer is just around the corner. The sloth will be replaced by the warm sun and all will be well until next year when the sloth will be back.