Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sooo... Yeah.

It's been awhile. I utterly failed at BEDA/VEDA. My life is a crazy mess. I'm probably dropping out of my school's Honors Program. These are facts. All point to the fact that my internet presence has been way down since the fall semester began. I hate that. I love the internet. I have legitimately missed you. A lot.

I was super enthused about making myself known in social media at the end of this summer, because I didn't foresee the chaos that my Honors Perspectives in Medieval Thought class would visit on my psyche. I'm doing doctoral level work for this class. I'm a sophomore. I can't handle this class without blogging let alone with it.However, I really feel like I let you guys (& myself) down.

I want to make it up to you, though. I am going to begin blogging and vlogging at least once a week starting during Winter Break. I am going to make time for this, because I want to get to know the people of the internet. I want to make friends, do something fun, & writing about something that doesn't involve St. Augustine's City of God!

So it's a date. If I could find a tablet and a chisel, I would set it in stone. I will return to the land of social media... just as soon as I get done with the class that is making my life hell!
I'll see you in December!

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