Thursday, August 18, 2011

So, I'm a Creeper?

I’m always a little bit worried about how I come off to people when I talk about the people I follow on Twitter and subscribe to on YouTube. I don’t actually know these people, I admire their work, but I’ve never met them. I know tons about their lives, but they know nothing about me. If I think about it too long I get worried people will think I’m some sort of stalker, instead of someone who just really loves the creative energy these people give to the world. While I can’t wait for Natalie to put up a new video on CommunityChannel, I’m not about to go to Australia so I can find her at her house and abduct her.

There are always boundaries. No one is going to tell you everything about their life on YouTube, unless they are: 1. Really open. Or 2. Really stupid. Fans know that even if they feel close to someone they don’t know on the internet, they don’t know everything and don’t expect to know everything. I think that’s what sets fans apart from creepers. I’m not trying in earnest to find out everything I can about these people, but I take what they give me and cherish it, because it’s nice to get to know people you admire so well.

I genuinely cried when 5AG announced that they were disbanding. I loved those videos, because those girls are some of the greatest people I will ever know. If I have the opportunity to become friends with them I won’t hesitate to do so, but I’m not going to force myself into their circle of friends in the name of being a devoted fan.

The people I follow and subscribe to interest me, give me inspiration, and make me want to do amazing things because they’re amazing. I want to make people laugh, and I want to have an impact on people the way they have on me. I just hope I don’t come off as scary creeper girl in the process.

How do you feel about following people on social media sites? Does it concern you that the people you follow may not know who you are? Does it creep you out if people you don’t know on social media act as if they know you? Tell me your thought’s in the comments, find me on Twitter (@glowinthedark7, or check out my YouTube Channel (SheGlowsInTheDark).

See you tomorrow!

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