Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friendly Strangers on the Street (BEDA Day 2)

I am sad to say I have become one of those people who smile at others as they walk by. I used to have an intense fear of talking to the people who take your order at fast-food restaurants*, so this change is kind of a big deal for me.

Before I became all sunshine & rainbows towards the other people walking, I was very careful about making direct eye contact. Now, when I pass someone I pretty much stare at them**. In turn one or more of the following responses may occur:

Awkward smile: This person doesn't know you & only smiles back, because they think it's rude not to.

Friendly smile: This person is one of the ones that smiles, too. You must have beat them to it. They could also just be friendly people who smile every time someone smiles that them***.

Blank look: This person wants nothing to do with you, even if you are being nice to them. They either have phobia issues or are in a terrible rush to get somewhere****.

Confusion*****: This person doesn't know you, but they think they do because you're smiling & that must mean something, right?

Obliviousness:This person is not paying attention to you, because (surprise!) you're a stranger.

Panic/fear : This person doesn't know you... you are a serial killer to them. It is best to walk quickly past these people & try to forget their look of complete & utter terror.

There is a real satisfaction I get at seeing any of these emotions, as I enjoy people watching & judging people's reactions to awkward & strange occurrences. It's like my introverted Christmas (... or something...)!

What do think about people who smile at you while you're walking? Is it fun to be the smiler? Give your answers on Twitter & wondrous things will happen*******. Also, check out my corresponding YouTube video on my channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/SheGlowsInTheDark. I DARE YOU!

See you tomorrow!

*This made ordering at Starbucks difficult, I can tell you...
**This stare can be likened****** to that of Maureen Johnson's.
***Or zombies hungry for your brain.
****No one smiles when they're late to class.
***** This is possibly my favorite. You can see them try to work out where they know you from. It's quite hilarious.
******My nerd is showing! (Also, are you tired of asterisks, yet.)
*******I cannot verify the authenticity of this statement. Here's my username so you can find me, anyway: @glowinthedark7

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