Monday, August 15, 2011

My British Love (Not Just About the Accent)

There is very little I like better than a British accent. I love British TV & music. I could be content listening to nothing but Arctic Monkeys for the rest of my life… & maybe some Kate Nash. I pray to God that BBC America will eventually start showing something other than Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, because I can’t stand to watch cooking shows, but that’s another post…

I watch a lot of British TV. I can quote the whole of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, from start to finish. I have a good chunk of the Python skits memorized as well. NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH ENQUISION!!! I love Doctor Who with every fiber of my being. It is my favorite TV show & will never be rivaled in my heart. KERA is the source of my late night Sunday entertainment. I am obsessed with Downton Abbey & am counting the days until it returns for its second season*.

I like British books, plays, and foods. Basically, I’m obsessed to the point that I should just change my nationality & get it over with.

Let me explain why I’m this way… since I know, you’re dying to know. My mom has always been a big part of why I want to know more about British culture. She went to boarding school while my grandparents were on mission in Africa. Her house parents & almost all of the other children in her school were British. She received a classic British education (took her A Levels & everything) & came back to America for University. She retained a lot of the culture she grew up around therefore, I listened to The Beatles in the womb, have eaten Shepard’s pie one more than one occasion, & watched more Britcoms than any other type of TV show during my childhood. I watched classics like Are You Being Served, Allo Allo, Fawlty Towers, & Keeping Up Appearances. In consequence, I have a very British sense of humor, & a rather extensive vocabulary of British slang words.

Speaking of British slang... I watch Skins. &  I can follow what they're saying at all times, I speak fluent Bristol chav...

By the way... Warehouse Thirteen is doing a thing with Beatrix Potter. She is my favorite author from my childhood. & she's British. You gave me a great example, perfect timing, SyFy.

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See you tomorrow!

*138 days, if you’re interested.

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