Monday, August 15, 2011

A Uncharacteristic New Love

There has been a gaping hole in my movie watching experience, & I don’t understand how I managed to avoid this treasure for so long. I am talking of one of the strangest & most gruesome movie series I have ever actually wanted to watch. I am speaking of Final Destination.

I am not a horror movie type person. In fact if you asked my family about my experiences with horror movies they would confirm that I cower in a corner hiding my face behind a pillow every time I watch anything remotely terrifying. I can handle suspense; I just really hate things jumping out at me. Thinking about The Ring still gives me chills, & I watched that 5 or 6 years ago.

Given my track record I shouldn’t like Final Destination. It has too much waiting & wondering when the next person is going to die & worrying how awful it’s going to be. Everything about this movie is suspenseful & horrifying, but for some reason I can’t look away. There isn’t anything jumping out at you, so maybe that’s why I can tolerate it, but surely I’m not so much of a suspense junkie that I want to see how people will die in horrible ways. At least they cut-a-way from the goriest deaths…

This movie is kind of like my gladiator games. This is my football. It’s like a mystery TV show that has seconds left on the clock until someone dies, & you have to figure it out before they do. The person will die that’s unavoidable, but at least you know how it’s going to happen before they do. It’s a test of your mental ability while under pressure & I love it! If you really want to save them you get anxious for the character, which is something that shouldn’t be relaxing or fun, but somehow manages to be both.

Is it amoral for me to like this movie as much as I do? …Probably. Do I plan on watching 2.3.4 & 5 sometime in the near future? Yes.

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