Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's the Little Things

How do I begin to explain the strange inner workings of my brain? I guess when it comes to things being in their proper places I’m a bit type A.

Right now, I there’s this nagging thought in the back of my mind telling me that my bookshelf isn’t set up right because The Count of Monte Cristo is next to a The Once and Future King instead of near my Charles Dickens books where it ought to belong. Since I couldn’t fit all of my classic works on one shelf they got a spread out. I only have peace of mind about my books, because I have enough room to fit my C.S. Lewis collection and all of my books pertaining to the Harry Potter series, on the middle shelf where they can be seen.

The remotes to my TV and DVD player are set in exact places when the TV is not on, because otherwise I would go insane with worry that I lost one of them. If you really want to know how nuts I am the TV remote (the taller remote) is always placed to the left of the DVD remote, because I like to organize certain things by height.

I’m not clinically OCD… I just like to find little random quirks about myself and highlight them for the entire world to see, that way I know I’ll end up a bitter, lonely, spinster someday!

Do you have random things that annoy you or little things you do to keep things in order? Tell me about them in the comments, or on Twitter (@glowinthedark7). Also, check out my video about a similar topic, on my YouTube channel (SheGlowsInTheDark).

See you tomorrow!

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