Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

Instead of studying for my impending finals/ doom, here's the soundtrack to which I rekill* the undead. Enjoy!

1. The overall theme for the apocalypse:
"The Monkees" by The Monkees. Apparently I fight zombies 70s musical style... somehow I'm not surprised.

2. The song that plays when I kill my first zombie:
"See You Soon" by Coldplay. I must have not gone for a double-tap.

3. The song that plays while I'm being chased by a horde:
"You Turn Me On" by Ian Whitcomb ...yikes.

4. When I kill my loved one:
"Do Me a Favour" by Arctic Monkeys. This makes perfect sense... scary.

5. When I find a group of survivors:
"Bigger Stronger" by Coldplay**. I suddenly feel like being the best I can be... away from them. Sounds like me.

6. When I meet my new love interest:
"Happy Together" by Simple Plan. I could not make this up.

7. When I make my final stand:
"Tip of My Tongue" by Tommy Quickly. I guess I'm not much of a witty one liner sort of person.

8. When I think I've survived it all:
"Dull Life" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Fought off a bunch of zombies... no big.

9. When I discover a bite mark on me:
"Catch 23" by Gbh. Sure.

10. The song during the end credits:
"No You Girls" by Franz Ferdinand. That's right. I'm still attractive as a zombie.***

OK... off to go memorize stuff! This summer will be nothing but blog posts... I can feel it!
*Rekill... so not a word.
**How do I have that much Coldplay... I don't ever really listen to them. Even though they are, admittedly, awesome.
***JK! No one is attractive as a zombie. Except, maybe, James McAvoy, because God knows he's gorgeous at all times.

P.S. How did ABBA not make this list?! I am disappointed in you Zune shuffle... SO disappointed.

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