Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Computers Class is a Joke

So, I'm sitting in class right now & no one seems to care that I'm on Blogger. How shocking!... & yet I'm somehow not surprised... I'm just sitting here typing away & staring at the 95% I made on a lab because for some reason the fact that page 2 is numbered page 2 means I loose 5 points off my grade! My professor is super meticulous about everything in the labs but last class he couldn't get his computer started because he didn't load his operating system on his laptop properly! Ugh!

OK. Tirade over. So, last night I thought I was home free and without a major project to complete this week... I was seriously mistaken. I have a biblical interpretation due next Tuesday for my honors Old Testament class. When with the work end! It's OK though, I just have to make it through this week & the next & then I get to enjoy not doing as much during fall break! I can make it 'till then. I think...

I'm super boring. The only person who is going to read this is probably my RA... & I apologize, if I bore her to death, in advance. She is a much loved part of our hall & I would hate for my sad attempt at blogging to be her untimely end.

I think my depressing  excuse of a computer professor is starting the lecture for today... so I should probably pay attention. I'll post something else later... I guess.

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