Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Obsession (Well, Obsessions...)

I love Warehouse 13 & right now I'm watching the season finale & my heart is breaking. I love this show it's the melding together of my 2 favorite things: sci-fi & history. It's like the U.S. equivalent of Doctor Who without the time travel & I love it soooo much!!!! Not as much as Doctor Who... but still...

Oooooo! A comercial for Caprica just came on & I can't wait to watch that again!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh bring on S.T.O!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! It's totally the coolest American Sci-Fi show!!!! With all the references to greek mythology & theology it's so beautiful!

OK. So in a couple days I've become obsessed with blogging... weird. I'm a little worried that I've blogged 3 times today, but maybe I've found something that can help relieve some of the pressure of school. That would be nice. I just hope it doesn't end up screwing with my school work ethic.

Right then... back to Warehouse!

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