Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am currently typing this on a mac.. because I'm at bestbuy... I hate macs. This just feels wrong... the keys have no substance. I wish there was a dell nearby... Oh well. I'll update stuff later. I guess.

The above was typed late Firday night. Because a computer was nearby & I wanted to see what all the hype about Mac was about. I'm a PC & I own a pretty shiny yellow Dell. Named Luna. She has a Ravenclaw crest sticker on her. :)

So, as you've probably guessed I'm in Intro to Computers...yippy... My professor looks like he fell or something. I am genuinely conserned. Even though he's a terrible tech proff, I don't want him to be hurt in anyway. He's still a nice person. Hey, look, something about E-books!... My professor has never seen an E-book... Horror. Will this class ever end?

I still have to study for my Teach class & I really don't want to. If this lesson ever runs out of slides then I can leave... I really want to leave.

After today ,I don't have alot to do until the weekend, just some reading & junk. Maybe I'll be able to post a real blog about what's been going on, tomorrow.

# of songs in Zune Library: 2240
# of times I've almost fallen asleep this class: 4 (& continuing to multipy)
Nail Color: Black
Word of the Day: Stressful

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