Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Must Keep Reading!!!

So, I'm doing the Harry Potter thing. Because I feel like it!
I finished Sorcerer's Stone & am now starting Chamber of Secrets but I have a long way to go if I have to finish all of the books by Monday & have done some of my school work... anyway... I really liked reading Sorcerer's Stone because I know that it's important to the overall series... that is the only reason I could keep reading! After reading this book 11 times the thrill is sort of gone, that's not to say that the funny bits aren't funny any more or the revelations the characters experience aren't meaningful, but after 11 times, you start to analyze more than you read for enjoyment. I started to notice sentence structure & word choice, & while I believe Rowling to be the most brilliant and gifted writer now living, I found my self drifting & not wanting to read... This, no doubt, is because the books grow with the initial reader. You start reading the series at around age 12 & then read each of them as they come out for the first time for the next 7 or so years... Harry Potter changed the way I loved reading. It was one of the first series I started reading & I will never forget it. Which sort of brings me to my next point...

I want to write a novel, maybe a book series, so that I can bring others into my own little fantasy world. I know that sounds insane especially since I have never wanted to write before, but Jo really opened up my eyes to the possibility of writing. I mean, if I could write something an eighth as good as J K Rowling then I would be happy beyond belief. This book, however, is not going to happen anytime soon. I have too much reading to get through!

Sorry if this post was super boring... I'm now off to read Chamber of Secrets. Wish me luck!! :)

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