Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maybe Not...

So, I was bored & decided to look at, because I'm a dork & I want to see if I can be bothered to read any of it. Turns out, I can't. I mean I only looked at the first page of HP FanFic, but my God! It was horrifying... How on earth do people feel they can publish some of the stuff they do on a website for all to see? I mean, really, Harry does not have a dark side nor is he gay & what's with people making up characters to fall in love with dead characters (Example: Rose Weasley (who?) & Sirius Black)... I mean, really? I know that blogging isn't much better, but at least I can write something that doesn't come out sounding like childish mush... at least I hope I can write something that doesn't come out like childish mush... :)

Rant concluded... So, I'm 86 pages into Chamber of Secrets (which is sort of sad, if you ask me) & I'm noticing that the reading level has gone up exponentially... It's crazy. The sentences are longer & have more complex structure & it's ten times more literary than Sorcerer's Stone. Which is probably what Jo was going for since her publisher told her that kid's books don't sell, so she took that to heart & made it much more adult... I like it!

& now, if I'm going to get through this book & start on Prisoner of Azkaban today, then I need to stop typing & start reading...

Oooo! & I watch Rowling's interview with Oprah & it was spectacular! J. K. Rowling is my hero!!! She didn't say one thing the same way through out the whole interview... do you know how amazing a person's vocabulary has to be to accomplish that? I mean, she absolutely amazing!!! OK now I really have to go read... :)

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