Monday, October 4, 2010

Emotional Inconsistency & a Possible New Blog/ Vlog idea

I'm a very emotional person. I think I should let you know this in advance, since I'm all over the place right now. I just got back from my hall's bible study. I got a C on a paper in a class that should be, when considered against my other courses, easy. I was obsessing about that paper all yesterday. Then we had bible study & just about every person there broke out a story about how they lost someone dear to them. & now I'm sad... deeply sad. The paper isn't even a big deal anymore.

OK... moving on to happier subjects. So, I have this idea for a series type thing either on my vlog or here (I haven't decided where yet). We had a seminar here, last Friday  at my thoroughly Baptist school... about Harry Potter! Yes, that's right! HARRY POTTER!!!!!! It was absolutely beautiful. & now nothing in college is going to seem as awesome as having a speaker talk to you about the religious merit in HP! I am so shaken by this experience that I am now going to reread the entire Harry Potter series just so I can look at the stories in depth, not only for their literary value, but also because I want to pick apart J. K.'s theology. I'm so excited!

& now I'm going to late night because I'm starving... :)

P.S. The above post should have been submitted last Tuesday, but, because the Internet at school hates me, I was unable to submit it at the time I wrote it... if you followed that you deserve a medal...
Anyway... I'm now into 1 day of fall break. Isn't that exciting. Maybe I'll have time to blog of make a video for YouTube with all of my free time... when I'm not going to dentist and eye appointments...

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